Our Focus

We focus on 3 things in our work.

Fix Me – “I hurt”
Most of our work involves alleviating aches, pains and stiffness. By our hands on work, we disengage the patterns you have lived into your body from habits, injury compensations, and the general wear and tear of life, which create disfunctions and discomfort in your body. We then guide your body toward it’s inherent organization, balance and ease so that you can function in your life with more flexibility, efficiency and less or no pain.

Going Deeper – If you were pain free, what else would you like for your body?
Many of our clients have sought our work to help improve their athletic performance, yoga, martial art or dance. Others come to us to curtail their inherited slouch or hunched shoulders improving their posture which they see getting worse through the years.

Becoming Me – Realizing my full potential
Those who have been active in exploring personal growth may discover that their new inner reality no longer matches the old posturing and habits of their body. Our work helps to integrate all aspects of being into a more unified whole. Dr. Rolf’s vision was that a body able to express it’s full potential can more easily deal with the physical and emotional stresses of life. When the physical body is no longer bound by the physical compensations of past injuries and life experiences it becomes more spacious and at ease, hence there is more energy available for spiritual expression and life in general.

Dr. Rolf’s intention with the work she developed was to help mankind to achieve optimal functioning of body, mind and spirit. This is best stated by the following quote from her:

“Man is an event on a line connecting heaven and earth.
Your job as a Rolfer is to organize man around that line so he can be
a more fully functioning human being.”

So, please browse our site. If you have any questions, feel free to call or write. We do offer consultations in which you can ask questions and experience some hands-on work. The combination of the intellectual information and your experience will help you to make a decision that meets your needs.